The YSYW team has one goal: to create a comfortable, interesting and enjoyable experience.

Our writing style is narrative and visual. Always, our aim is to produce stories that are relatable, easy-reads and—when in digital form—that reflect high production value.

Whether your decision is for a short- or long-form print, digital and/or audio story, the process remains the same, with few exceptions.

  • You determine if your story will be told in a short- or long-format package.
  • You choose the media platform: print, e-book, audio or digital package.
  • Then, we determine the components, the budget and the timeline.
  • We sign an agreement memorandum.
  • You provide various biographical and contact information.
  • You provide contact information for the people to be interviewed as per your package components.
  • All interviews are recorded for accuracy.
  • Your project runs on a pre-approved schedule.
  • Each item is signed off upon completion.
  • YSYW delivers a completed, edited manuscript.
  • We will recommend publishers upon request.

Life stories are very individual and YSYW is not “a one size fits all” service. Therefore, depending on your agreement and package, the duration of a project may be between three weeks to seven months.

Our costs for print, electronic or audio stories may range between $1000.00 to $50,000.00, or more, depending on the package and the media platform selected. Digital packages are priced on a per project basis.

We look forward to your inquiries. Milana and the YSYW team will help make your dream of telling your story as a book or film come true.