I kept my dreams to myself for years because I did not want to hear another person say to me who I could not be and what I could not do. My inner faith was much stronger than the discouraging voices in my environment. Also, many of my early mentors were strangers with whom I shared a common bond. I “met” them in books or through radio and television programs or films. I became a student of their life stories, and they inspired me to dare to dream—out loud.

 “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” – Anonymous

In due time, I decided that when I believed in something with all my heart I was not going to ask permission nor be paralyzed by the absence of the perfect situation. Thus, I stepped forward in faith to pursue my dreams–sometimes stepping into the light and, other times, into the darkness, to emerge “bloody but unbound.”

With an intense love of learning, I pursued and completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and the Juris Doctorate in Law. My continuing education has been organic and feeds my commitment to life-long learning, especially in media production, digital marketing, creative and screen writing, and in effectively teaching business principles. My pursuits have resulted in many distinctions, among them: an Emmy Award;  a talk show on TV and radio; and positions as editor-in-chief of a business magazine; adjunct professor in business and media; marketing executive in broadcast television and the Olympic Games; and advocate for the underserved.

Humanity is a priority for me. I am a passionate advocate for affordable housing, living wages, foster children, and music education in the schools.

Altogether, my experiences have honed my insight and energetic, direct connection to the hearts of people who have blazed their own trails. Numerous clients have expressed delightful astonishment over epiphanies and other relevant recollections that resulted when I interviewed them while encouraging them to tell their stories.

My work has appeared in The New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Miami Herald, Ebony, George, Essence, NBC/Universal, Fox Network, U.S. Olympic Games publications, among others.

  “Dreams don’t have deadlines.” – Milana L. Walter